Re: CfC: Publish ten heartbeat drafts as WDs

On 03/19/2012 10:30 PM, Sam Ruby wrote:
> On 03/15/2012 02:33 PM, Sam Ruby wrote:
>> Current target for this publication is now Tuesday, March 20th. Updates
>> will be provided should this date change.
> The chairs have decided to defer this once again, this time to Tuesday
> March 27th, as we continue to evaluate the revert request for r7023.

In order to give the editor an opportunity to process the revert request 
for r7023, the chairs have decided to defer the publication from Tuesday 
March 27th to Thursday March 29th.

At the present time, the following decisions have not yet been applied:

   ISSUE-133 modal-attribute
   ISSUE-150 code-point-verbosity
   ISSUE-170 rel-uri-valid
   ISSUE-180 allowpopups
   ISSUE-182 footnote-recommendation
   ISSUE-187 validity-stability
   ISSUE-188 generic-track-format
   ISSUE-192 title-attribute

Additionally, the following may not have been completely applied:

   ISSUE-150 code-point-verbosity

At this point, we are releasing the hold on publication of the heartbeat 
based on these decisions not being applied.  So at the present time, the 
only hold is the revert request of the following change:

- Sam Ruby

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