HTML and Multimedia Synchronization

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Greetings.  In Some HTML 5.1 Discussion Topics,, XHTML and a SMIL subset, the multimedia synchronization of hypertext, audio and video overlays, 3D graphics, and speech synthesis, and SMIL and WebGL, SMIL and X3DOM topics were broached.
Multimedia Synchronization and 3D Graphics, WebGL:
Audio overlay or speech synthesis with 3D graphics camera and object motions and events.
Example: Discussion of a math function's graph.

Interactive 3D graphics and multimedia synchronizations.
Example: Navigation of a 3D model or scene with dynamic content.

Multimedia Synchronization and Speech Synthesis:
The functionality for audio overlays and multimedia synchronization can corrolate with functionality for the speech synthesis of hypertext documents and HTML+SSML documents.

Some hyperlinks on the topics of hypertext documents and multimedia synchronization:

SMIL 3.0 Timing and Synchronization
SMIL Timesheets 1.0

Timesheets: XML Timing Language


Timed Interactive Multimedia Extensions for HTML (HTML+TIME)


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