RE: HTML 5.1, Web Cryptography API

HTML Working Group,
Travis Leithead,

"Are you proposing starting a new joint deliverable for a DOM4 deserialization/serialization spec between our working groups? This sounds interesting. If you have a proposal somewhere, I'm sure member of this group would love to read it and provide feedback."

I've contacted Arthur Barstow (WebApps) and Henry Halpin (WebCrypto) about the topic, at your request for a proposal.  There is not yet sufficient information to make a proposal, as of today, about an XMLDSIG-enhanced DOM4 serialization/deserialization specification.

Informationally, as you can observe at the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) Crypto Forum Research Group (CFRG) (, NSA employees are visible, approachable, and their conduct, including their interactions with civilians, can be fully reviewed by the public and are, empirically, most probably exemplary of our expectations with regard to the conduct of United States military personnel or their peripheral service providers.

Additionally, based upon that Suite B is a federal recommendation (, I estimate that there is no reason for the NSA to participate during implementation of the cryptography-related technologies under discussion, in any configuration of Working Groups, towards our delivering that functionality and resultant benefit for Web applications.

Based upon earlier discussions, in this forum, it appears that some cryptography-related topics, for example the NSA, could be off-topic.  Yet, based upon a recent sequence of topics, in this forum, some on-topic, some off-topic, I felt that it would be responsible to clear the air about some cryptography-related topics, as we recommence our on-task discussions including our discussions towards proposals.  Informationally, we are discussing Suite B technologies and the NSA is both visible and approachable in another forum at the IRTF.

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Received on Wednesday, 26 December 2012 20:41:11 UTC