Re: The missing Sentence tag

On 12/6/12 12:02 PM, Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
> There are also many spaces in unicode.[1] Would EN SPACE be about
> right? [2]

Using various spaces (but NOT the nbsp) is not a horrible solution for 
formatting, but it doesn't address semantic issues, and it doesn't 
provide fine-grained and global formatting control through CSS.

> A new full stop character would interest me more.

It's a very interesting suggestion.  Massively unlikely to ever happen. 
  Unicode would need to add a character that does not exist at all now 
in common practice and that is not their way.  They're a stodgy bunch. 
They won't even add pause and play characters, or the IEC 5009 standby 
symbol that is so often used on modern soft power buttons.

Moreover if it's unclear if we should tie CSS to an entity, it's even 
less clear if we should tie CSS functionality to an individual character.

And finally, if HTML can not reasonably format sentence spacing, it 
can't very well expect some other group to solve that problem for it. 
For the moment, the buck stops here.


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