Re: The missing Sentence tag

Thomas A. Fine, Thu, 06 Dec 2012 10:46:20 -0500:
> On 12/6/12 5:31 AM, Lee Kowalkowski wrote:
>> Being interested in semantics doesn't always mean tags.  There would be
>> nothing wrong with using a HTML entity that represented sentence
>> spacing, except there'd need to be a character in the character set
>> specifically for it.

There are also many spaces in unicode.[1] Would EN SPACE be about 
right? [2]

But instead of a dedicated space character, one could introduce a 
dedicated "end of sentence full stop character". Such a thing would 
also solve the problem that the FULL STOP character in many languages 
frequently occurs in the middle of sentences. (E.g. in Norwegian, we 
write 13.30 and not 13:30 and "1." and not "1st".) For such a full stop 
character, then software could take care of making the 
end-of-sentence-space wider than the normal space. (Perhaps simply 
using the normal variable width SPACE character (U+0020)?[3])

> There's nothing in Unicode that I've found that would 
> serve this purpose, 

Characters continue to be added to Unicode, but the bar is probably 
high there as well.

> and if there were, it's unclear to me if 
> attaching CSS behavior to a particular entity is a reasonable 
> approach.  Still, it's an interesting notion and if it's easy or 
> possible to create an entity to mark sentences I would be willing to 
> consider that as a reasonable solution.

A new full stop character would interest me more.

leif halvard silli

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