Technical concerns about the addition of <main> to HTML

Hi all,

It has been suggested that there are significant technical concerns from at
least one set of implementers about the <main> feature [1], and therefore

"<main> does not meet the high bar required to add a new element to HTML"

It would be super useful  if any implementers with technical concerns
provided them publicly on this list as while feedback has been sought in a
number of other fora [3] and while the feature has been officially rejected
as per the  WHATWG process [4], the feature is being standardised through
the W3C, not the WHATWG and has recently passed a CFC for FPWD at the W3C
with no objections and ample support [5].


Most recently discussion has been occurring on the public-html-a11y list[6]


with regards

Steve Faulkner

Received on Wednesday, 5 December 2012 10:00:46 UTC