A New Feature for Blogging Platforms

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Greetings.  I have a new feature idea for blogging platforms. The idea is for bloggers to be able to indicate, per article, organizations' websites and web services to ping with article events, in addition to pinging blog search engines with each articles' events. As envisioned, the feature would be configurable on blogging platforms and then for each blog article.
Bloggers could indicate organizations, on a configuration page, by means of web service URL's. A web service function response could include organizational metadata for blogging platforms' user interfaces. Then, per article, bloggers could indicate which organizations that each blog article is pertinent to. Organizations could then receive pings for article events, from numerous bloggers, and link to or present the blog articles from numerous bloggers on their websites.
A use case is consumer advocacy. Consumer advocacy groups, e.g. the Better Business Bureau, can each independently spider and index blog articles and tweets, where blog articles and tweets can have keywords or folksonomic tags, e.g. "bbb" or "#bbb", and can each utilize that data and make that data available on their websites.  With the described feature of indicating organizations to ping, per article, consumers', parents', teachers', and scholars' commentary, feedback, and opinion, about digital textbooks and curriculum, for example, could be specifically routed, as indicated by each blogger, empowering bloggers and adding value to numerous organizations' websites including those of consumer advocacy groups, teachers' and education-related organizations.

In addition to the use of hyperlinks for indicating discussed items, for example opening digital textbooks to specific pages and object configurations (http://idpf.org/epub/linking/cfi/epub-cfi.html, http://www.w3.org/TR/media-frags/), some bloggers might want to also utilize hypertext quotes or multimedia clips in their blog articles during fair use scenarios.
The new blogging platform feature of pinging one or more organizations as indicated per article could additionally benefit scholarly and scientific communication. Scholars and scientists with blogs could utilize the new feature to indicate which scholarly and scientific organizations to ping for specific blog articles. The blog articles of many scholars and scientists could then be linked to or appear on a number of scholarly and scientific organizations' websites for Web users to discover, read, and interact with.

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Received on Tuesday, 4 December 2012 22:28:40 UTC