RE: [Bug 14492] <video> change event when tracks are removed


> Sam Ruby <> changed:
>            What    |Removed                     |Added
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>           Component|LC1 HTML5 spec (editor: Ian |HTML5 spec (editor: Ian
>                    |Hickson)                    |Hickson)

Explanation: I changed the component simply because the HTML co-chairs 
don't want any automatic (read: without an opportunity for a discussion) 
addition to the set of LC1 bugs at this time.

We've since discussed the specific bug, and as it was created based on 
splitting a topic off of an existing LC1 bug[1] -- an activity we wish 
to encourage as it generally makes the process go more smoothly -- we 
support including this in the set of LC1 bugs.

If anyone wishes to object to this being done, please do so at this 
time.  If there are no objections raised by November 1st, we will change 
this component.

Should situations like this come up again, we encourage people to bring 
this up on this mailing list before creating or assigning a bug to an 
LC1 component.  Reasonable requests which do not meet with an objection 
will be approved.

- Sam Ruby

[1] From

Received on Tuesday, 25 October 2011 14:56:32 UTC