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On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 8:40 PM, Julian Reschke <> wrote:
> I just recalled why it's ok for RFC 5988 not to say more about
> case-sensitivity. In RFC 5988, extension relations are URIs, thus they are
> restricted to US-ASCII anyway. I think we should mirror that, such as by
> saying:

Even if valid strings have to be constrained to the Basic Latin range,
it doesn't follow that case-insensitive comparisons (under general
Unicode collation) leads to only Basic Latin strings matching valid
strings case-insensitively. So even if only ASCII strings are valid,
failing to define ASCII-case-insensitive comparison is sloppy when the
values to be compared consist of UTF-16 code units.

>> After "Extensions to the predefined set of link types may be
>> registered in the Microformats wiki existing-rel-values page. [MFREL]"
>> add: "Registered types must. Additionally, absolute URLs that do not
>> contain characters U+0041 (LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A) through U+005A
>> (LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z) (inclusive) may be used as link types."
> s/Registered types must.// (that wasn't intended, right?)


> s/absolute URLs/absolute URLs that only contain US-ASCII characters and/

I don't have interest arguing that point either way, so OK.

Henri Sivonen

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