HTML Data Task Force

It has been noted that this task force wasn't mentioned here even though
several individuals here are aware of it:

This HTML Data Task Force considers RDFa 1.1 and microdata as separate
syntaxes, and conducts a technical analysis on the relationship between
the two formats. The analysis discusses specific use cases and provide
guidance on what format is best suited for what use cases. It further
addresses the question how different formats can be used within the same
document when required and how data expressed in the different formats
can be combined by consumers.

The task force MAY propose modifications in the form of bug reports and
change proposals on the microdata and/or RDFa specifications, to help
users to easily transition between the two syntaxes or use them
together. As with all such comments, the ultimate decisions on
implementing these will rest with the respective Working Groups.


The Task Force conducts its work through the
mailing list (use this link to subscribe or look at the public
archives), as well as on the #html-data-tf channel of the (public) W3C
IRC server. 

The Task Force is chaired by Jeni Tennison.


Received on Tuesday, 11 October 2011 18:10:18 UTC