Re: ISSUE-94 Change Proposal

I support the idea of this proposal. To split browsing contexts,
Window, History, and similar concepts out into a separate

Unfortunately this proposal is IMHO not detailed enough to produce
such a split. Much less to review if the split fulfills its intended
goals of producing a simpler HTML5 specification.

For example, how should be specified given that
it's a HTML specific feature, but heavily intertwined with browsing
contexts? How do iframes interact with History.back()?

I'd love to see someone take the original HTML5 document and produce
an actual split, this way we can debate the details of that split. I'd
imagine that if someone did this I would likely vote for such a change

If I were Ian and the current change proposal were approved, I would
have no idea what to do.

/ Jonas

Received on Wednesday, 31 March 2010 21:17:33 UTC