Re: The next HTML+RDFa Heartbeat

On 03/30/2010 02:26 PM, Shelley Powers wrote:
> That's an impressive number of documents. RDFa's reach is certainly
> progressing nicely.
> Congrats on all of the hard work, Manu.

Thanks Shelley - as always, it's a very big group effort. :)

Both the RDFa Working Group and the RDFa Community members have been
brilliant, and continue to be amazing. They're the ones doing all the
hard work.

There's so much going on right now with new RDFa deployments, broad
coverage at web conferences, new authors picking up RDFa 1.0 for the
first time, and discussion surrounding the new RDFa 1.1 features; it's
hard to keep up!

We've got some really cool stuff in RDFa 1.1 - the outline of new
features will be published to HTML WG in two weeks time.

-- manu

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