Re: Closing issues. Setting and meeting deadlines. (was Re: Issue-9 (video-accessibility): Chairs Solicit Proposals)

Laura Carlson wrote:
> Hi Paul,
>> I think the WG needs to decide how much effort we want to put into
>> keeping the Tracker issue State correct when the information is
>> already recorded in the Change Proposal Status page.
> I agree. When Chris was Chairing, the group did spend time on tracker
> definitions:
> It is probably minor updating but, at some point would be good to have
> those definitions in sync with the policy.

I've updated issues 79 and 85 to reflect that they are OPEN, and issue 
41 to indicate that it is currently RAISED.  If there are others that 
need to be updated, let me know.

- Sam Ruby

Received on Thursday, 4 March 2010 22:06:17 UTC