RE: Issue-9 (video-accessibility): Chairs Solicit Proposals

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Matt May wrote:


> On Mar 3, 2010, at 9:58 AM, Sam Ruby wrote:

> > Discussion has died down


> I wouldn't say it's died down at all. It's just moved to public-html- 

> a11y. Until the summary discussion bubbled up over the last 2 weeks, 

> it was the #1 topic, and the group was making progress.


Agreed. Some concrete progress is being made, and 2 work efforts that can
be reviewed are at:


* Media TextAssociations:

* Media MultitrackAPI: 


Some discussion has ensued around these documents, although the final
status remains fairly fluid.  Michael(tm) Smith has prepared interim
surveys on these proposals very late yesterday (I received my email @
22:30 Pacific Time), and some discussion has resurfaced around those
postings. Generally the MultitrackAPI is being well received; the Media
TextAssociations discussions are currently focused on supporting
time-stamp formats: there will need to be continued discussion here, but
the *trend* seems to be favoring .SRT files for legacy/backwards usage,
and a move towards a profiled approach to DFXP; the concern is that DFXP
is likely too "large" to support out of the box, so a stripped down
version (or two) is likely the next step.  Work here is also very fluid,
with no identified timeline/deadline at this point.  I suspect we will
need to address that fairly quickly, and will seek to bring it up on
Thursday's a11y Task Force call.




> > If no Change Proposals are written by April 5, 2010 this issue will 

> > be closed without prejudice.


> I don't see what purpose this serves. ISSUE-9 is one of the broadest 

> in terms of the problem set and the work that remains to be done. From 

> what I've seen of the discussion, each of the stakeholders has their 

> own vision of how to proceed. Putting a deadline of one month (during 

> which, BTW, many if not most accessibility people are preparing for 

> and traveling to their largest conference of the year) to solve video 

> accessibility is setting up the group for either a failure to meet the 

> date, or a rushed proposal that may not fully address accessibility 

> issues and doesn't have the support of the vendors who would implement 

> the contents of the CP.


I have to agree with Matt here.  A significant number of people will be
attending CSUN in San Diego (March 24-27), with I suspect another largish
showing at SWSX (March 11 - 16: I know that Matt, Cynthia, Martin Kliehm,
myself and a few others will be there), and there is a planned
Face-to-Face meeting in the UK of the A11y Task Force April 6-7
(, so while work can and will
continue in March, we should be realistic about people's ability to
actively focus on too many things at once, and not artificially force a
deadline on people.


Would it be helpful to the chairs if the A11y Task Force come back with
some proposed dates and times/timelines instead of the dart-board choice
of April 15th?








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