Re: A question about HTML5 elements and SVG/MathML

On 2/15/10 6:28 PM, Leonard Rosenthol wrote:
> If these two things are considered "foreign elements", does that then imply that a "conforming HTML5 UA" is not required to support them?

As I understand it, a "conforming HTML5 UA" which has a DOM is required 
to parse the input stream using the HTML5 parsing algorithm, which 
specifies creation of certain DOM nodes in certain namespaces and with 
certain localNames.

What then happens with those DOM nodes depends on the namespace.  The 
HTML5 specification requires certain things in terms of handling of 
nodes in the HTML namespace.  Nodes in other namespaces are covered by 
other specifications, which the UA may or may not implement.

UAs that don't actually have a DOM need to behave in whatever manner is 
closest to the above in their environment, I think.  But I haven't 
looked into this in great detail, since the UAs I deal with commonly do 
in fact have a DOM.


P.S.  I'm not quite sure what "support" meant in the above question, 
hence the rather long-winded answer.

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