RE: A question about HTML5 elements and SVG/MathML

If these two things are considered "foreign elements", does that then imply that a "conforming HTML5 UA" is not required to support them?  


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On Mon, 15 Feb 2010, Steven Roussey wrote:
> Question: Are there terms in use (for casual reference when speaking on 
> this list or elsewhere) to describe and/or differentiate between the 
> elements in HTML5 as listed in the spec [1] vs. those included by 
> reference? For any future discussion, I want to be sure to use the right 
> nomenclature.

"Foreign elements" is how the spec refers to them.

> Observation: And while I see specific reference to SVG and MathML in the 
> syntax part of the spec [2], there is no reference in the elements 
> section. I had expected to see svn and math listed, but not defined, 
> other than by reference. Or perhaps a note as there is in the syntax 
> section. Also, I would have expected some mention in the references 
> section. I suppose brevity won out. Just curious. I did not find a 
> suitable search result that would shed light on this. If someone could 
> provide a link it would be appreciated.

<math> and <svg> are referenced at the end of the "Embedded content" 
section. These sections defer to the MathML and SVG specs for the relevant 
semantics and UA requirements.

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