Re: BUG 8818 - lack of rationale

On Feb 14, 2010, at 7:32 AM, Kornel Lesinski wrote:

> My rationale for inclusion/keeping srcdoc in the spec:
> * It's easier to use. Compared to sandbox without src, srcdoc  
> requires less changes to server-side applications that generate  
> markup. Applications can continue to generate entire page as a  
> single response rather than having to split page into many separate  
> documents.
> * It's safer. It allows secure use of sandbox without having to set  
> appropriate MIME types for responses. Based on experience with  
> XHTML, MIME types are not widely understood by authors and often  
> ignored or used inappropriately.
> * It's faster. On broadband connections number of requests is very  
> important factor of site's performance, often more important than  
> size of the document itself. Unlike sandbox with src, srcdoc does  
> not increase required number of requests.

It would be fine to paste this in as the rationale or even just link  
to this message in the archives.


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