Rough draft of Cross-Working Group Review Policy

The following is my proposed revision of Paul's procedure for cross-WG review:

= Proposed Policy for Cross-Working Group Review of Last Call Working Drafts =

Often other Working Groups ask the HTML Working Group to review a Last Call Working Draft. Many Working Drafts impact our work. The intent of this policy is to facilitate review with a minimum of process overhead, and at the same time without accidentally misleading the receiving Working Group about the source and nature of the comments.

We would take the following steps:

1) Chairs call for one or more volunteers to collect review comments from the Working Group.
2) Once chosen, the volunteer sets a deadline to provide comments.
3) Working Group members provide review comments.
4) The comments are collected and identified according to the person or persons who made or actively supported the comment.
5) The collected comments are submitted to the Working Group seeking review. The collected comments will be prefaced with a statement like the following:

"These are collected comments from members of the HTML Working Group on FooBarML 4.2. Comments have not been reviewed for Working Group consensus. To follow up on a particular comments, please contact the individuals responsible for each comment as well as the HTML Working Group."

In addition to the collected comments, Working Group members are also free to comment on Last Call Working Drafts of other groups individually.


Received on Thursday, 4 February 2010 17:00:53 UTC