Re: change proposal for issue-86, was: ISSUE-86 - atom-id-stability - Chairs Solicit Proposals

On 04/15/2010 12:43 PM, Edward O'Connor wrote:
> Sam wrote:
>> One possible way to address this is for section 5.5.3, step 15, substep 9,
>> otherwise clause be modified to throw an INVALID_STATE_ERR exception if it
>> is not possible to generate an entry id in a way that ensures uniqueness.
> Suppose there's an HTML document with several<article>s, only one of
> which triggers the "otherwise" clause of step 15, substep 9. Instead of
> throwing an exception and aborting--not producing any feed at all--why
> not just leave out that one problematic<atom:entry>  from the resulting
> feed? So instead of "or ... you don't produce an Atom feed," we don't
> produce an Atom *entry* for that specific<article>.

Sounds plausible.  This, however, suggests that algorithm isn't fully 
"baked" yet, and would benefit from some implementation experience 
and/or integration with such efforts as hAtom as alluded to by Tantek[1] 
before being put forward for consideration for inclusion in HTML5.

- Sam Ruby


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