> Updated in tracker, but thought I would send in email:
> 2009-09-24 13:25:32: I did create another draft which I posted
> However, this didn't address all HTML WG comments as promised,  
> although I'd made some good progress. The main "issue" (which led to  
> splitting this out in the first place) is to come up with a way of  
> resolving conflicts between IETF and W3C specs and what browsers  
> actually do (see section 12 of above document.)
> Subsequently (and after some discussions with Maciej and Hixie on  
> IRC chat and discussions at TAG meeting now ongoing), I expect to be  
> able to produce another document in the next few days. (Updating due  
> date to 9/28).
> In the meanwhile, I'm trying to schedule IETF work to get IETF  
> approval of this approach to URI/IRI/etc. An IETF working group may  
> be necessary to get other IETF working groups (IDNA, HTTP, mailto  
> URI) to pay attention. [Larry Masinter]
Hi Larry,

Thanks for putting in the work here! This has been an area that has  
been problematic fir us browser vendors since violating specs is  
something that's always sad to do. Really looking forward to having a  
spec that we can follow.

/ Jonas

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