HTML5 RDFa Test Suite (was Re: Request to publish HTML+RDFa (draft 3) as FPWD)

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Sam Ruby wrote:
> My conclusion is that defining RDFa in HTML in terms of a DOM or an
> Infoset are but two of the possible ways of achieving the desired
> result, namely being precise as to what triples MUST be produced from a
> given input.

Those reading this thread should also keep in mind that we not only have
a spec to describe the processing model, but we also have a large,
modular test suite that exercises every feature, as well as many
potential error conditions, for RDFa processors:

This test suite was upgraded this past weekend to cover HTML5 and
contains 127 unit tests specifically for HTML5. There are also at least
three implementations that are close to 100% conformant with HTML+RDFa
(the PyRDFa processor, the MarkLogic processor, and the librdfa processor).

There are also 7 XHTML+RDFa processors implemented in non-browser
technologies and 2 XHTML+RDFa processors implemented in Javascript in
the browser.

This "the RDFa spec is not precise enough" discussion should take these
facts into account, as we do have many conforming implementations by a
diverse group of implementers. This didn't just happen by accident and
all of these implementers were able to implement the RDFa spec. Three of
those implementations worked with the majority of the HTML5 tests
without further modification.

So, let me offer the HTML5 RDFa Test Suite as the first test suite to
exercise functionality defined in a specification being produced by the
HTML WG. IIRC, no other part of the current HTML5 spec has such a
complete and operational test suite. I hope this new information
convinces those that doubt the specificity of the HTML+RDFa
specification. There are conforming implementations and they were
written using the RDFa Syntax specification.

-- manu

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