Re: what is dt?

Lars Gunther writes:

> 2009-09-17 17:39, Smylers skrev:
> > Everybody would prefer a well-named element which can be used now.
> > Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be possible, so we either have to
> > put up with a badly named element or wait a long time to be able to
> > use it.
> Figure and details *are* new elements. Why would it not be "possible"
> to  add a third element as well?

It would, but given that 18 of the most applicable names are already in
use it's hard for a new element to meet the 'well-named' criterion.

> I can see ways in which it would mean less work for many, by virtue of
> being less confusing.

For people completely new to HTML having lots of almost-synonymous
elements but which each can only be used in specific circumstances (and
it being arbitrary which name happens to be used in which place) may
well be more confusing than a single element with the same meaning


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