aria-role vs role -- from SVG

I just noticed that in
(Subject:  Re: SVG: Accessible Forms), Charles McCathieNevile wrote
about integrating ARIA with SVG:

        Yes. For most controls, you do something like

          <g aria-role="date-picker">
            <!-- some SVG to draw a date picker -->

          <g aria-role="checkbox" aria-state="checked">
            <!-- something to click on and a link to a small script
library that
        stores whether it was clicked, and updates the ARIA accordingly -->

If SVG is actually using "aria-role", though HTML should also at least
support that spelling, for consistency.

Even if SVG is planning to use plain "role" for consistency with HTML,
that message about the simple way to do it should weigh as additional
evidence for supporting "aria-role" as well; no one in even the
wai-xtech group noted the discrepancy, so it seems that the spelling
*with* aria is far more natural to many people.


Received on Sunday, 13 September 2009 04:51:44 UTC