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> SVG: Accessible Forms
> What action is being taken to develop an accessible input form** for SVG?

Integrating aria into SVG

>  can and will it be implemented by UA developers?

We believe it can be implemented - we worked quite hard on changing ARIA  
last year to make sure it would be possible to integrate it in both SVG  
and HTML (which hda quite different requirements).

>  how long will we have to wait?

I don't know. We don't have a running implementation to show, but I am  
hoping for it to be available sooner rather than later.

>  will it be easy for authors to use?

Yes. For most controls, you do something like

  <g aria-role="date-picker">
    <!-- some SVG to draw a date picker -->

  <g aria-role="checkbox" aria-state="checked">
    <!-- something to click on and a link to a small script library that  
stores whether it was clicked, and updates the ARIA accordingly -->

> **Input forms are the primary means that users have to purposefully and  
> intentionally input information.


> the SVG example from the XForms test suite has only very partially been  
> implemented by the popular browsers:

The problem as I see it is that we have not seen sufficient demand for  
Xforms to implement it (which means we haven't even started to test the  
quality issues you talk about).

>  furthermore it is significantly harder for an author to implement than  
> html forms.

Yes - although it gives more power. So far, ease of authoring seems to be  
more important.

>  Do Xforms need to be explicitly focusable?
>   my example uses anchors....

Form controls should in general. Using ARIA should mean the User Agent  
automatically makes them focusable.



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