Re: Accessibility Task Force

Sam Ruby writes:
> Janina Sajka wrote:
>> I am no attorney, nor do I seek to play one in email. But I would
>> bluntly ask whether we're relying on expert legal counsel, or our own
>> lay understanding here?
> I'll answer that equally straightforwardly: from my perspective, we are  
> trying to find a solution that avoids significant time delay and  
> resolves the concerns expressed.
> If it turns out that what PLH proposed is unacceptable, then we will  
> simply continue to work to find a solution that is acceptable, even if  
> it takes longer.
Thank you, Sam, for this straight forward response.

I agree that we need to get to work on the technology. I am fully on
board with a results oriented approach.

Is there a "but" in my mind? Well, sort of. There's the concern that
people from both the HTML and PF sides feel comfortable with the
process. The history of the past few years, before I was involved
myself, appears to have been rather unproductively tendencious much of
the time. So, I am concerned that we do our best to create a collegial
environment. I think that is also important for the results we seek.

>> Janina
> - Sam Ruby


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