Re: Accessibility Task Force

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> In addition, it's likely we would informally expect the Task Force to
> be accountable to both Working Groups and to have a mission to improve
> cross-WG communication.
> Would this address the concerns?
My concern is that informally expecting the task force to be accountable
to both working groups is different than formally expecting it to be so.
The formalism is an additional Process resource we can use if the need
comes up. If we're successful we'll never need that, but I think we
should have it there.

This history of this task force is that it started as an informal
sub-group of the PFWG. We realized that we needed to make sure that HTML
people could be involved in the discussion and that we could be sure it
would be public. That's the reason we proposed a joint task force.
Having the task force shift completely over to the other working group
does not meet the need that PF had in originally constituting it. I
believe ever more strongly - though I am not representing PF in saying
this - that it is very important that this task force be joint.


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