Re: [Bug 7509] Consider <dl type="dialog"> instead of <dialog>

Thomas Broyer On 09-09-10 10.05:

> On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 11:40 PM, Toby Inkster <> wrote:
>> I like this idea. The <dl> element has been used (and some would say abused)
>> for quite a few different purposes. HTML5 creates a <dialog> element to
>> split off one of those purposes, but I'd argue that marking up dialogues is
>> not the only - probably not even the most important - use of <dl> that
>> should be split off.
>> In particular, I think key-value lists are an important case. e.g.
>> <dl>
>>        <dt>Name:</dt>
>>        <dd>Toby Inkster</dd>
>>        <dt>Date of birth:</dt>
>>        <dd>1980-06-01</dd>
>> </dl>
> Yeah, but there's also the floating idea that the content model of
> <dialog> could evolve later to allow "non-speech related information"
> (see ).

Bug 7508 is very inspired by how <dl> is defined ...

> This doesn't (a priori) concern key-value lists though, which could
> therefore use a typed-<dl> instead of minting a new element.

What is it that (a priori) makes it better to have a <dialog> 
element rather than a typed - or "roled" - <dl> element? I see 
leif halvard silli

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