Re: [Bug 7508] <dialog> needs a way to add non-speech related information

On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 7:49 AM, Stephen Stewart<> wrote:
> Some examples of chat on the web can be found at:
> And also, which I don't think I can link to but
> here's a sample of the chat HTML:
> <tr class="enter_message message user_451844" id="message_157661845"
> style=""> <td class="person">Stephen S.</td> <td class="body"><div>has
> entered the room</div></td> </tr> <tr class="timestamp_message message"
> id="message_157661956" style=""> <td class="date"><span
> style="display:none">Sep 9</span></td> <td class="time"><div> 1:30
> PM</div></td> </tr> <tr class="text_message message user_451844 you"
> id="message_157661957" style=""> <td class="person"><span>Stephen
> S.</span></td> <td class="body"><div>Testing, 1,2,3. Hello W3C.</div></td>
> </tr>  <tr class="kick_message message user_451844" id="message_157661989"
> style=""> <td class="person">Stephen S.</td> <td class="body"><div>has left
> the room </div></td> </tr>
> similarly uses a <table> but I think one example with <table> is
> enough.

For further reference, this is the markup used for the internal
chatroom I built for use at my work:
<LI class="normal-message"><SPAN class="timestamp">[8:02AM]</SPAN>
<SPAN class="username">Juan</SPAN>: <SPAN class="message">@Ryanne: ok,
i need to reset her integrity so the message wont appear when
launching gf</SPAN></LI>

I had too much structure to feel right using a simple <dl> (or
<dialog>) as it stands.


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