Re: More on SVG within HTML pages

Shelley Powers wrote:
> If the page does not show correctly, most people send an email to the 
> page author, or ignore it.

If they're using the browser they've been using for years, yes.

If they are using a new browser or new version of a browser and a page 
does not show correctly they conclude that the browser is broken and go 
back to whatever they were using before.  Especially if this is a page 
they need to look at often.

> I doubt that many people will surf the web, come upon a single page that 
> isn't working and make an assumption that the browser is broken. 

You can doubt, but based on what I see in user feedback, that's 
precisely what happens: people try a new browser, browse around for a 
few hours, if they see any pages broken they conclude the browser is 
broken and stop using it.  Chances of them trying that browser again are 

> We have to operate under the assumption that most people act reasonably. 

They do, actually.  If you try a new piece of software that claims to do 
X and it doesn't do it as well as your old software, you go back to your 
old software.  Pretty reasonable, all things considered, if you have no 
idea what X involves or why the behavior might be different through no 
fault of the new software.


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