Re: aria implicit roles exposed?

On Sep 1, 2009, at 11:20 PM, Jim Jewett wrote:

> Will implicit aria roles (either strong native roles, or all roles) be
> exposed to the DOM in some way?

My understanding is no - they will only be exposed to AT, and not via  
DOM APIs, or to CSS styling.

> Note that there are explicit recommendations to base CSS styling on
> aria-* attributes, so as to better keep them in sync; it is possible
> that this isn't needed for attributes that are handled natively within
> the same document, but ... I'm not so sure.

For CSS styling of HTML elements based on their native semantics, the  
styling should be based on the tag name, names or values of native  
attributes, or UI state pseudo-classes. Styling based on aria-*  
attributes is only needed and appropriate when there are not suitable  
native semantics.


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