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On Sep 1, 2009, at 8:22 AM, Tantek Celik wrote:

> Re: spec on form control styling:
> Re: not as fast-moving

It seems like CSS3-UI currently provides facilities that are  
complementary to what we are discussing. It has the facilities to make  
a regular CSS box look like a form control. It also has some pseudo- 
elements for form controls in different states. It does not seem to  
specify how styling of standard HTML form controls works (or that it  
needs to work at all), although they are indeed used in a few  
examples. In addition, we found that to make styling work for some of  
the more complex form controls, we had to introduce new pseudo- 
elements and appearance values.

Further, some of the appearance values in CSS3UI seem like things we  
are not interested in implementing. For example, window and its  
subtypes are not something we want to offer, nor are most of the menu  
subtypes. Simulating the appearance of all aspects of native  
application UI is not really a goal for us.

That being said, CSS3UI seems like a fine starting point for fully  
specifying form control styling, if others are agreed that this should  
be the point from which to start.

> Without officially speaking for CSS WG, I believe we (CSS WG) are  
> waiting on implementations, though test-suite contributions are also  
> encouraged.

I think that to see full implementation in WebKit and to also satisfy  
the use cases for form control styling, the spec would need to see  
some significant revisions.

> Maciej, how much of CSS3UI does WebKit implement?

We implement quite a few of the properties in the spec as -webkit- 
prefixed extensions (or just as vanilla properties in cases where they  
are pre-existing). Specifically, we have 'outline', 'box-sizing',  
'appearance', 'resize' and 'cursor'. We don't have all the state  
pseudo-selectors, but expect to add the ones relevant to HTML5's form  
facilities as we implement those.

> Bruce, how much of CSS3UI does Opera implement?
> ...., how much of CSS3UI does Mozilla implement?
> Tantek
> Editor, CSS3UI
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> On Tue, 01 Sep 2009 10:13:55 +0100, Maciej Stachowiak <>
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>> Perhaps it's time to start a spec on form control styling. In WebKit,
>> we've found that CSS styling plus control-specific pseudo-elements  
>> can
>> go a long way. Would such a spec more appropriately be an HTML WG
>> product or a CSS WG product?
> It's probably most appropriately a CSS WG, but they're not as fast- 
> moving
> as the HTML WG so maybe starting on it here would  be helpful?
> bruce

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