Clarification on old issues and rationale

The proposed Decision Policy[1] gives a clear way to get rationale in  
the form of an Editor's Response for anything in the spec you disagree  
with or don't understand. But in some cases, issues have been  
escalated all the way up to the Issue Tracker before we put the policy  
in place. In such cases, if you are interested in hearing rationale  
for the current state of the spec, I recommend one of the following:

- If you are interested in a Tracker Issue, there is an existing  
bugzilla bug related to it that was resolved before hte new policy,  
it's ok to reopen the bugzilla bug once and ask for an Editor's  
- If there is no bugzilla bug at all relating to a Tracker Issue, feel  
free to file one.
- If there's no tracker issue for an aspect of the spec you don't  
understand or disagree with, go ahead and file a bug!

In case you're curious what kind of information is getting added to  
resolved bugs, here is a random sampling of recent ones that includes  
the Editor's Response info, and a spec diff link where appropriate:



Received on Wednesday, 28 October 2009 09:27:25 UTC