Re: Short-term workarounds - - <source> in <video>

Leif Halvard Silli On 09-10-24 00.41:

> Joe D Williams On 09-10-24 00.20:


> My point between the lines is that the text/html serialization of 
> HTML 5 should permit not only "<source />" but also 
> "<source></source>" - that would be the simplest workaround of all 
> - should work cross browser!
> Why can't HTML 5 permit that?


>> Also, is this about the same workaround for attributes that are not 
>> written as a name='value' pair but freestanding as a boolean?
> I have no insight into how to create workarounds for that issue.

After I sent the reply, I started to realize what you meant by 
pointing to boolean attributes as a parallel issue:

Whenever one inserts a unknown attribute in a HTML element, and 
even if you do not intend it as a boolean - e.g. <div myBoolenan>, 
still, in the DOM, it becomes mybolean="" or 
myboolean="myboolean". And I assume XHTML compatibility requires 
the myboolean="myboolan" form as well.

That's why HTML 5 permits boolean attributes in all 3 variants above.

A very good parallel!
leif halvard silli

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