Re: ARIA roles added to the a element should be conforming in HTML5.

Good question.

Obviously, to an author willing to do the right thing, clearly
tell him use the "button". But I thought the whole pushback
against xhtml and the clean Web was that people wouldn't fix
things, and that we had to bend over backwards to make badly
written content work. Why is the yardstick that gets applied to
accessibility somehow different? Makes me wonder .... perhaps
after a few more years of the "we the great programmers can
compile anything and everything into a presentable DOM", we'll go
back to trying to tell people how they should have done things
right in the first place. Having been around the block a few
times on the Web, I shall watch that next evolution with interest.

Jonas Sicking writes:
 > 2009/10/21 T.V Raman <>:
 > > Sad but true, I'd answer yes to your question. ARIA $( > > to patch up bad HTML $( > > that is its role (no pun intended)
 > But is it really better that we ask authors "please put an ARIA
 > attribute on the <h1> that you effectively turned into a button" than
 > that we ask them "please use a <button> instead of a <h1>"?
 > / Jonas

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