Re: Administrative requests related to the decision policy

Maciej Stachowiak <>, 2009-10-20 17:56 -0700:

>  We need the following bugzilla keywords to exist, I am not sure which of 
>  them exist already:
>  TrackerRequest
>  TrackerIssue
>  FormalObjection
>  Disagree
>  NoReply
>  WGDecision

OK, they now all exist.

>  Also, I'd like to create a template on the HTML WG wiki for Change 
>  Proposals. I don't seem to have permissions to create new pages,

OK, you should now. (Anybody else who would like to have edit
permissions, please either e-mail me offlist, or contact anybody
listed on who you know,
and ask them to add you.)

>  and I don't know the mechanics of creating a template page
>  specifically (does the name just need to end in "Template"?)
>  Help would be appreciated.

Yeah, the way to create a template is indeed to just use a page
name that ends in "Template".


Michael(tm) Smith

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