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Henri Sivonen wrote:
> On Oct 16, 2009, at 00:53, Martin McEvoy wrote:
>> Martin McEvoy wrote:
>>> Why use microdata at all when microformats already exist,  I cant 
>>> think of a single microdata use case that isn't already solved by 
>>> microformats and RDFa, by the way microformats and RDFa work very 
>>> niceley together on the same page, I would hate to try and mix micro 
>>> data with microformats or RDFa
>> The above is truly the crux of my Issue , Microformats  and RDFa do 
>> exist today , they actually work in perfect harmony together it was a 
>> design principle of RDFa that it doesn't break microformats which in 
>> itself was very intuitive, a win win,
> On a technical level, RDFa doesn't break Microformats. (And neither 
> does Microdata.)
> However, on a political level, RDFa and Microformats don't exist in 
> harmony. I attended a lightning talk at XTech 2008 where Mark Birbeck 
> was pitching RDFa as "Microformats done right". The obvious 
> implication is that Microformats are Microformats done wrong. There 
> were some Microformat proponents in the audience and after the talk 
> the atmosphere was chilly and the rhythm of the obligatory end-of-talk 
> clapping was deliberately slow so as to be make a disapproving point.

Yes I know about this I had a very public chat with the RDFa developers 
about that, to my knowledge the  RDFa developers do not continue with 
that "pitch" any more.

>> but Microdata has gone out its way it seems to ignore, the principle 
>> of  "not teaching your grandmother to suck eggs" ie Ignoring 
>> everything that has gone before it, both Microformats and RDFa have 
>> undergone years of development millions of man hours have been spent 
>> on developing and publishing microformats on their own, and suddenly 
>> over a matter of months with no public discussion a single man says 
>> he can do it better and makes it a part of the future of html, amazing!!
> It didn't come suddenly. There has been a pretty consistent 
> face-to-face message to the effect of "Please write proper specs for 
> your stuff." from #whatwg regulars to #microformats regulars on the 
> conference circuit. After the annual Microformats talk at XTech 2006, 
> 2007 and 2008 when it was the time for questions there was a #whatwg 
> regular delivering the message (me, Anne and me, IIRC). The response 
> was to the effect of (not a word-for-word quote) "Yeah, we should have 
> those but we are lazy. Why don't you volunteer to write the specs?" 
> And at least on one occasion, IIRC, I replied that that response is 
> like *inviting* Hixie to take over and do Microformats5, and he might 
> do it in a way the Microformat community might not like. (I'm not 100% 
> sure if I said "Hixie", "the WHATWG" or "someone else".)
Well that's good news at least someone talked about it first before Ian 
went ahead and created microdata.

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