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>Ian Hickson wrote:

>>On Mon, 5 Oct 2009, Boris Zbarsky wrote:


>> Taking the liberty of forwarding this snippet along, since it's particularly

>> pertinent to the HTML5 spec.  In view of the IE team's position here, I would

>> like to reiterate my proposal that the () syntax be removed for

>> HTMLCollections and such.


>> -Boris


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>> Subject: Additional notes from last Thursday's meeting

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>> ...

>>   * Nobody liked 'caller' operations, and some wanted to remove it from

>>     from normative requirements altogether.  The IE team would like to

>>     remove support for callable collection objects at some point in the

>>     future, and the worry is that codifying this as required behaviour

>>     would make that much harder.


>>     One suggestion was to mention this in a non-normative section like

>>     ES5's Appendix B.


> Could the IE team clarify if they are willing to remove this support from

> all rendering modes or if the above merely refers to an IE9 or later mode?

To be clear, we have a strong commitment to preserving compatibility with legacy web pages, even webpages written using this undesirable behavior (caller-syntax). As such we will be keeping the caller behavior in our "classic" rendering modes until such a time as we can prove with good data that removing support for it will have inconsequential side-effects on compatibility. The above sentiment mentioned regarding removing support was in our IE9 or later rendering mode.

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