Re: ISSUE-76: Need feedback on splitting Microdata into separate specification

On Wed, 14 Oct 2009 18:31:04 +0200, Maciej Stachowiak <>  

> Incidentally, I feedback from the Working Group is welcome and  
> encouraged on the topic of whether Microdata should be split out of the  
> main spec, even in advane of the Change Proposal. Right now it's not  
> clear to me who in the Working Group is in favor of or against this  
> change, and why.

Personally, I support the inclusion of Microdata in HTML5 as it is a  
fairly simple syntax/model and a DOM interface which should be familar to  
web developers while still solving real use cases. I can't see any real  
benefits from breaking it out into a separate spec, especially given that  
the actual elements and attributes would need to stay in HTML5.

Philip Jägenstedt
(not representing Opera Software on Microdata issues)

Received on Wednesday, 14 October 2009 18:02:06 UTC