Undefining insertion point when the parser touches the DOM (except </script> and fragment parser)

I'm trying to limit code complexity and bad re-entrancy due to  
document.write(). I've been thinking I'd undefine the insertion point  
whenever the parser operates on the DOM (except when the parser runs a  
script from </script>). This insertion point undefining would override  
the current cases where the spec defines the insertion point. That is,  
the insertion point would be undefined when the SVG load event is on  
the call stack even if the document was created with document.open()  
and thus had the insertion point always defined per current spec.

Are there cases other than </script> and the SVG load event that cause  
scripts to execute while the HTML parser (innerHTML parser excluded)  
is on the call stack? (As far as I can tell, timeouts and XBL bindings  
only run from the event loop, and if there's a nested event loop for  
sync XHR, the nested event loop must have been created by </script> or  
the SVG load event.)

Henri Sivonen

Received on Wednesday, 14 October 2009 06:45:52 UTC