Re: Locale/default encoding table

Andrew Cunningham On 09-10-14 05.27:

> Ian Hickson wrote:
>> On Wed, 14 Oct 2009, Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
>>> It may work for an individual user. But, it doesn't sound like someone 
>>> offering a localized browser product for Ossetian users inside Russia 
>>> would have much success that way.
>> It basically depends on what Ossetian users have been using before having 
>> a dedicated localised product.
> There seems to be two fundamentally different approaches to fall back, 
> when basing fall back on UI of language
> Selected a legacy encoding that fully supports the language, if the user 
> agent does not support an appropriate encoding,
> 1) use UTF-8 as the fall back.
> 2) base selection of fall back legacy encoding on another language 
> widely used by target user group, i.e. if language is a non-national 
> language, select a national language and use that to choose the fall 
> back legacy encoding.
> Although the second approach in some cases can draw ua developers into 
> political disputes.

So where does Windows 1252 as default for Bengali, Tamil etc fit 
in here?
leif halvard silli

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