Re: Locale/default encoding table

On Wed, 14 Oct 2009, Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
> FIRSTLY: The "locale" "be" does it mean Belarusian ("be") or Belgian 
> (also "be", though it is often written "BE"). The encoding is Cyrillic, 
> so you obviously meant Belarusian. But then, why do you use the _country 
> tag_ (UA)for Ukraine/Ukrainian? Same with "ar". I suppose you meant 
> Arabic, because I don't think Argentine requires UTF-8 as default.

The data is straight from the Firefox localisation files.

I changed Ukraine back to "uk" earlier today; changing it to "ua" was 
based on a misunderstanding.

All the tags are BCP47 language codes.

> Most commonly, a _locale_ is tagged using a combination of 
> language_country. E.g. "en_US". I would like to see the same thing here, 
> in some sort.

There were no country-specific locales in the data I used.

> Also, it is customary - though not required (but it would be nice to do 
> it here)) - to put the country subtag in UPPERCASE.

I used the same case as was used in the registry:

> SECONDLY: The tables ends by saying "All other locales => Windows 1252". 
> But I think that is impossible to say.

All other locales in the source data used Win1252.

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