Infinite loop? (was HTML Working Group Decision Policy - for discussion)

Hi Maciej,

I've been reading the HTML Working Group Decision Policy process
document [1] as you suggested.

Unless I an reading this wrong, it seems that an infinite loop is
possible if or when 7.b [1] occurs and a HTML Working Group decision
overrules an Editor's response.

Is it possible for an issue tagged "WG Decision" to circle around
infinitely with multiple RE-escalations/working group
decisions/overrules if the editor does not agree with or understand
the working group decision?

What happens if a decided issue is tagged as "WG Decision"; is
reopened in Bugzilla as in step 10 [2]; and then the editor does not
implement the working group decision?

Will having no ending step that directly implements the working
group's decision be problematic?


Best Regards,


Received on Monday, 12 October 2009 16:24:40 UTC