Re: HTML5 Issue 11 (encoding detection): I18N WG response...

On Oct 12, 2009, at 16:02, Andrew Cunningham wrote:

> and vietnamese is a difficult langauge, since there isn't any one  
> dominant
> legacy enncoding, would need soem sort of suto detect mechanism,  
> assuming
> web browsers actually supported all the key legacy encodings, which  
> form
> memory they don't.

The Vietnamese localization of Firefox defaults to UTF-8 and no  
heuristic detector:

For comparison, Japanese, Russian and Ukranian have a heuristic  
detector turned on by default:

(Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese don't, BTW.)

Query of interest:

In various Indian locales, the language itself does not use the Latin  
alphabet but the default is still Windows-1252:

Note that ISO-8859-1 as the default really means Windows-1252.

Henri Sivonen

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