Re: ISSUE-81 (resource vs representation)

Ian Hickson wrote:
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>> I provided this in several prior emails and repeating again for your 
>> benefit. This is from step 2 of "fetching resources"
>> [[
>> address of the resource from which Request-URIs are obtained
>> ]]
> That's a term from the HTTP spec. I agree that it's a misuse of the 
> terminology, but since HTTP is an RFC, there's no good way to do a 
> cross-reference into the spec, so I can't really do anything but just 
> quote the term to which this spec is to refer verbatim.
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What do you mean by "there's no good way to do a cross reference"? How 
about something like

  Section 5.1.2 of [RFC2616]

(assuming you want Request-URI)?

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BR, Julian

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