Re: ISSUE-55: Re-enable @profile in HTML5 (draft 1)

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
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> 5) People may think that it makes sense to allow legacy use and 
> processing of @profile, but not agree that HTML should have a versioning 
> mechanism. By putting these in one spec, we're forced to decide on two 
> completely separate issues at once as a Working Group, and anyone 
> deciding on which specs are applicable specifications (e.g. for purposes 
> of making a validator) is also forced to decide. I'm against sneaking in 
> versioning under the pretext of restoring support for a legacy feature.
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Yes, that is a very real problem.

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> I also think what this draft specifies for head@profile does not add 
> anything to what HTML5 already specifies, other than making it "obsolete 
> and conforming" instead of "obsolete and nonconforming". You don't 
> specify what values are conforming or what the processing requirements 
> are. The definition of the link type should be separate from that.
> ...

That is because it's work in progress.

The end result (IMHO) should contain:

1) a statement what it is for (essentially a copy of what HTML 4 said + 

2) potentially a proposed migration path to link/@profile. For 
*specifications*, not current documents, btw.

3) a short appendix clarifying that the description in 1) applies to 
HTML 4.01 as well (making it an erratum)

BR, Julian

PS: and yes, I volunteered to help but didn't provide much help yet.

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