[Bug 7842] No programmatic way to make an HTML document - consider adding createHTMLDocument


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--- Comment #2 from Simon Pieters <simonp@opera.com>  2009-10-08 15:30:07 ---
Both Opera and WebKit create a document with the HTMLness bit set, implements
the HTMLDocument interface, and uses standards mode.

WebKit uses a doctype (with name 'html' and publicId and systemId returning the
empty string), Opera doesn't. The document has the html, head, title and body
elements. In Opera, the title always has a text node child. In WebKit, it only
has a text node child if the argument wasn't the empty string. If the argument
is omitted, Opera throws a WRONG_ARGUMENTS_ERR internal exception and WebKit
sets the title to 'undefined' (i.e. it's not 'optional' in the IDL).

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