HTML Working Group Decision Policy - for discussion

Sam, Paul and I have discussed decision policy for the HTML Working  
Group at some length. We'd like it to be very clear what Working Group  
contributors are expected to do to pursue an issue. And we would like  
it to be clear in turn how we will act on that input. We have a  
proposal ready for discussion, with a combination of ideas from Sam's  
experience chairing the IETF Atom Working Ggroup, Paul's experience  
chairing the W3C XQuery Working Group, and my experience participating  
as a non-chair in various Working Groups. Much of what is in this  
document is based on methods that we're already practicing.

Right now, we're putting this document our for discussion. It's very  
important for Working Group members to read this document and give  
questions or comments. Once we settle on a policy, we're going to  
follow the procedures outlined and will expect Working Group members  
to be the same. So now is a great time to ask about things that are  
unclear, or suggest improvements.

At the very least, I recommend reading the introduction, and looking  
at the flowcharts and tables.

One important new concept in this policy document is the idea of a  
Change Proposal. To move forward on Tracker Issues, we will expect  
Working Group members to write up proposals with a few required  
content fields. If you are interested in advancing the progress of  
Tracker Issues, please read over the description of a Change Proposal.

The policy document can be found here:


Received on Wednesday, 7 October 2009 09:05:21 UTC