Re: ISSUE-41/ACTION-97 decentralized-extensibility

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
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> So far from the replies of others I see:
> - No one has stated they can't live with HTML5's current parsing for 
> elements and attributes with colons in the name (or provided rationale 
> for feeling that way).
> - No one has shown evidence for why the compatibility risk of 
> Microsoft's proposal is low (other than the invalid argument in the 
> proposal itself).
> - No one has made any new proposals that address the compatibility 
> concerns but still provide some kind of benefit.
> ...

I'm not going to make one of these statements, because I don't have 
sufficient information.

What I can say is that I think that it's totally not clear that changes 
to the current spec are impossible. Furthermore, I believe that any kind 
of change that aligns the text/html and the application/xml syntax more 
closely would be a win.

 > ...
> Thus, at this point, I'm not seeing a real dispute. For there to be a real dispute, I think one of the types of replies I mentioned above would have to happen. Is anyone willing to do that? If not, I will tend to assume that we do in fact have consensus.
 > ...

There may be rough consensus, but it certainly doesn't include me. Also, 
I assume it doesn't include Microsoft, otherwise they wouldn't have made 
a proposal for a change.

BR, Julian

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