Re: Conformance of SVG content in HTML

Cameron McCormack:
> > There doesn’t seem to be anything in HTML5 that defines the conformance
> > of an HTML document in terms of any foreign content it contains. …

Ian Hickson:
> Doesn't SVG already require that any SVG element be used in a manner that 
> matches the SVG subtree concept?

It has a definition for what a conforming SVG DOM subtree is.  I still
think it would be more logical for the outer spec (HTML, in this case)
to specifically invoke the right conformance definition in SVG.  But
after discussing it in the SVG WG meeting last week we feel that
validator implementors are likely to do the right thing anyway (i.e.,
check SVG subtrees for conformance) if they understand HTML5 and SVG, so
I’m not going to press the point.



Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Monday, 5 October 2009 06:55:00 UTC