Re: ISSUE-41/ACTION-97 decentralized-extensibility

Adrian Bateman wrote:
> Tony has written up our thoughts on Distributed (or Decentralized)
> Extensibility in the attached HTML document. Tony is on vacation so I
> am posting on his behalf.
> We have included a base proposal with several optional components.
> The purpose of this document is to seed a discussion and we expect
> the discussion to drive improvements in the document.

"Namespaces in XML 1.0"[1] is a separate document than "Extensible 
Markup Language 1.0"[2]

Is there a technical reason why "Namespaces in HTML5" couldn't be a 
separate document from "HTML5"[3]; and in fact potentially be one of the 
"other applicable specifications"[4] alluded to by that document?  If 
so, what changes to the proposal and/or HTML5 would enable such to be 

Given that this clearly is a contentious topic, my suggestion is that 
this initially be pursued as a separate draft.

On a technical level, what would be value of the namespaceURI for the 
element with a localName of 'foo:bar' in the following non-conforming 

<!DOCTYPE html>
<body xmlns:foo="">
<table xmlns:foo="">
   <tbody  xmlns:foo="">

To assist with this here are two URI's for exploration:

Special note: the placement of this element in IE8 and Opera differs 
from the placement of this element in Mozilla, WebKit and HTML5.  Also 
note the localName of this element assigned by the HTML5 Live DOM Viewer.

> Regards,
> Adrian.

- Sam Ruby


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